FEVDI is proud to have provided two set of CAMUNI V5 with ALCATUM foam and FEVDIRAD AL foam to the Taishan EPR reactors for the 1st outage activities in 2020 of Taishan Nuclear Power Joint Venture Company Limited,TNPJVCa joint venture operator between CGN and EDF.

Taishan EPR

Two units of EPR reactor in Taishan

The ALCATUM is a nuclear decontamination detergent qualified by EDF with a PMUC label and widely used for nuclear pool decontamination but also for various decontamination works.

The ALCATUM is used with the CAMUNI V5 to be sprayed in foam, the foam can be sprayed on vertical surface. The application of the CAMUNI V5 using ALCATUM foam reduces the dose rate taken by the personal and reduce the overall cost by reducing the liquid effluent volume generated during the decontamination activities.





Spraying foam on verticale surface








Since 2015, FEVDI has supported the maintenance work of the Chinese CGN nuclear operator by providing more than 10 000 L of ALCATUM and 7 sets of CAMUNI V5 foam spraying equipment as well as one MULTIPOOL TOOL for nuclear pool decontamination.

FEVDI is supporting all the CGN Chinese nuclear reactor sites: DayaBay, LingAo, Fangchengang, Hongyanhe, Ningde, Yangjiang and now Taishan.

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